Beaujon Aircraft

(Beaujon Ultralights)

Herbert Beaujon is a legendary ultralight aircraft designer and builder with designs dating as far back as the mid to late 1970’s..  Due to their simplicity, ease of assembly and durability, the aircraft designs became very popular in the 1980’s  and 1990’s with home builders around the world.  His mastery of aeronautical theory and design is evident in all of his works and his skill as a draftsman conveys his designs in amazing detail.

             The HOW TO BULD ULTRALIGHTS MANUAL is 31 pages and walks the amateur aircraft builder through the entire process of designing and building his/her own aircraft.  The manual teaches the layman how to choose his overall design such as a tractor, pusher and canard.  It walks the designer through various design basics, helping him/her decide on the most efficient and practical overall design to meet his needs.  Once the designer has decided on his overall design, the manual makes ease of performance calculations, wing design, wing stresses, airfoil shapes, propeller calculations, engine choices, airfoil control design, landing gear, structural tubings, stress calculations and covering materials. 

             ULTRALIGHT AIRCRAFT PLANS BY HERBERT BEAUJON contains detailed plans for 8 simple and proven ultralight aircraft including the Mach .07, Flybike, Viewmaster, Windward, Hardnose, BJ-2, Minimac, and BJ-Enduro. 

             The printed copy of the manual and plans offered on this page is black and white (as were all of Herbert Beaujon’s previous printings) on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and contains 102 pages including BOTH the HOW TO BUILD ULTRALIGHTS MANUAL and ULTRALIGHT AIRCRAFT PLANS for 8 AIRCRAFT.  The printed copy of the manual and plans is not available in stores or online (other than this website).  No other entity/website/person has been given permission to reproduce the copyrighted works in a paper format.  To order the printed manual and plans, send a check or money order for $75 to:

Herb Beaujon

P.O. Box 2121

Ardmore, OK 73402

————    Copyright 2000 by Herbert Beaujon    ————